Short Course on Chinese Indonesian Studies

two-week program to learn all about Chinese Indonesians

July 3-15, 2023
Petra Christian University, Surabaya, Indonesia


SCCIS (Short Course on Chinese Indonesian Studies) is a two-week program organized by the Center for Chinese Indonesian Studies and General Courses Department of Petra Christian University, to learn the lives of ethnic Chinese in Indonesia.

SCCIS will present an engaging learning experience about Chinese Indonesians, straight in Indonesia. Learning covers various aspects of their lives in a comprehensive and intensive manner, with English as the medium of instruction, through lectures, field trips and workshops.

Lectures in class will be held interactively by experts in their fields, who will open participants' insights and encourage critical thinking on Chinese issues in Indonesia. The field trip will bring participants to be in direct contact with the life pulse of the Chinese community. To complete this real experience, participants will directly practice typical Chinese Indonesian cultural arts, through workshops led by experienced practitioners. SCCIS will be made into several thematic courses which will be decided later. For July-August 2023, it will be the Introductory Courses on Chinese Indonesian Studies.

Who can Join

Non-Indonesian students interested in studying Chinese Indonesian. Maximum capacity for this program is 20 participants.

Course Subjects

Introduction to Chinese Indonesians
Chinese Indonesian Language
Chinese Indonesian Architecture
Revival of Mandarin Learning
Documenting Chinese Indonesians
Chinese Indonesian Family Business
Chinese Indonesian Performing Arts
Chinese Indonesian Culinary
Chinese Indonesian Traditions


Here are some notable lecturers in this course:

Prof. Dr. Leo Suryadinata
Prof. Dr. Leo Suryadinata
Institute of South East Asian Studies / ISEAS

Opening Speech

Prof. Esther Kuntjara, Ph.D.
Prof. Esther Kuntjara, Ph.D.
Petra Christian University
Ricky, S.E., M.R.E., Ed.D.
Ricky, S.E., M.R.E., Ed.D.
Petra Christian University
Liauw Toong Tjiek, Ph.D.
Liauw Toong Tjiek, Ph.D.
Petra Christian University
Li Xiuzhen, M.A., M.Pd.
Li Xiuzhen, M.A., M.Pd.
Petra Christian University
Christine Wonoseputro, S.T., M.ASD.
Christine Wonoseputro, S.T., M.ASD.
Petra Christian University
Setefanus Suprajitno, Ph.D.
Petra Christian University


Week 1

Mon-Thu: Classes

Lectures and discussions on various topics about Chinese Indonesians.

Fri-Sat: Field Trip

2 days tour to Lasem, "Little Chinatown" in Central Java, to explore Chinese heritage and experience Batik workshop.

Chinese architecture ornaments.
Week 2

Mon-Tue: Classes & Workshop

Lectures and discussions on various topics about Chinese Indonesians. There will be a workshop on Chinese Indonesian culinary.

Fri: Field Trip

One day field trip in Surabaya, covering on Chinese heritage and daily lives of Chinese Indonesians.

Kenjeran temple in Surabaya


Batik Workshop

Experiencing Chinese Indonesian style Batik making, straight at Lasem, the hometown of Lasem Batik.

An example of Lasem Batik

Culinary Workshop

Hands-on practice in preparing Chinese Indonesian unique dishes.

Lontong Cap Go Meh

Field Trips

Lasem Tour

Two days tour to Lasem, the Little Chinatown rich in Chinese cultural heritage.

A temple in Lasem

Surabaya Tour

One day tour of Surabaya, visiting the old Chinatown, ancestral houses and temples.

Kampung Pecinan in Surabaya


The program will be held at Petra Christian University
Siwalankerto 121-131
Surabaya, Indonesia


Accommodation will be borne by the participants themselves. Some recommended hotels near the campus are:
The Square Surabaya
BeSS Mansion Hotel Surabaya
ibis Styles Surabaya Jemursari

Registration and Fees

Tuition fee: 475 USD (visa, accommodation and living cost excluded)
Registration deadline: 5 June 2023
Early bird fee: 450 USD
Early bird deadline (Extended): 5 May 2023